March 16, 2006


(This poem was written during the rare moments when the poet had nothing better to do but stare into nothingness...mind you these moments are rare...extremely rare!)

Staring into space, and the nothingness of time…
As the world goes by; doesn’t give a dime,

Waiting for another day to pass by,
Only to ask the question, ‘Why?’

Why are we here?
What purpose do we serve?

Why is she better than me?
Oh, she has some nerve!

Tomorrow dawns on me,
In a fresh and dewy kind of way,

As the first rays of sunshine spill across my face,
There is nothing left to say…

Time moves on while I stand still,
Still searching for answers, and also the will…

The will to go on, to not give in,
To fight till the very end; To finally win.


Pravahan said...


Nice to see and read your posts, albeit I "visited" the place after quite a long time!

Ah well, this 'poem' reminds me so much of H W Longfellow's 'The Psalm of Life'. Read it?--If you haven't, then maybe you should!

Take care.

Pravahan said...

And ah, I am sure she is not just a poet, but certainly a very (and extremely) talented and gifted POETESS! *sheepish smile*

Vj said...


Jormund Elver said...

Very nice..i especially loved that line "Why is she better than me/Oh, she has some nerve" for some reason. Sounded like something an old friend of mine would love to say, followed by peals of laughter.

It's good to have you back, kari. I'd honestly thought you'd given up on blogging. When are you starting your summers?

The waterbearer said...

hey...very nicely written indeed. i do drop by every now n then....just too lazy n hazy to comment.

waltermorgan4328543060 said...
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