May 8, 2005

Once upon an Elver.....

The character sketch of the unassuming Elver.

It was as mornings go, quite the usual. Against the wishes of a lazy mind, body and soul, i dragged myself right across the city to the Mica Gd and Pi. The day started off drably getting positively worse by the minute. From 8 in the morning we were all hustled into a room and left there on our own. But this post isnt about the Mica Gd and Pi. It is about the person i met there. Around 2 in the afternoon, a quiet guy came up to me and asked if i was karishma. I thought he was Bugs the bunny who promised to be there with carrots in his hands. But, it was Jormund Elver. I vaguely remembered him from the forums. But the person before me was quite the antithesis of his posts. A reserved person by nature with a brooding quality that intrigued me.

A person who was equally in love with mysticism, mythology and fantasy. I have always felt that my mind had the quality to spin effective tales. To wander off on quests of its own and live in a surreal world. And here was someone who was exactly the same, if not more in a world of his own. An animated discussion followed with Elver citing Viking philosophy and me of course Greek. One of the weirdest conversations for a third person to overhear i bet.

The feeling that you can instantly connect to a person was really strong with Elver. To be on the same wavelength with someone feels awesome and here we were, meeting for the very first time and it felt like we knew each other already.

It was such a relief to meet someone with a depth that was facinating. Not like the nitwits with whom a conversation is reaped in artificial and inane discussions. Most of the time, we keep up appearances, a mask of geniality. Of pretense and a desperate desire to conform. Elver shatters these notions.

I recently read his story-the lost girl on his blog. The story instantly engrosses you, captivating you into the world of Elver. It gives you insights into his life and his thinking.

It has enthralled me to know the person behind it. How much of the story is true and how much is may never know..But what i do know is that Elver must certainly write more.

I hope things work out for you Elver...sincerely.


May 7, 2005


Endless night, endless life......

Endless war, endless strife.

Noises of children crying,

Blood curdling screams of people dying.....

What do we achieve in the end?

When a helping hand we cannot lend

We call ourselves humane,

When none of us are sane...

All of us contribute to violence,

By sitting here in silence...

Watching this endlessness grow

How can we stoop so low?

Endless nigt, Endless life,

Endless war, Endless strife......

May 6, 2005

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