May 22, 2006

The Tag that rebounded

(After trying my best and succeeding a wee bit to make a morose serpent feel better about the world in general, the Tag has rebounded on me. And after all those subtle reminders by Elver, here I am with the 10 things that make my world a better place)

  • Family and Friends (including my dog): Family is what keeps you grounded at the end of the day. They make you feel that you belong- somewhere. They love you no matter what you do and stick by you when everything else is lost. Friends on the other hand are base on which you build your future. And my dog because she loves me unconditionally, looks at me as if I am the centre of her world and just melts my heart with her soulful eyes.
  • Books: Books are the key to a different world. I have been a voracious reader ever since I can remember. Fantasies of a magical world, or a bitter story that was untold, books enable me to escape from the drudgeries of a routine world.
  • Chocolates and Coffee: Two of my most favourite things in the world. I can live on just both of these!
  • Love: What would the world be without love? Love in any form makes this world a worthwhile to live in. Therefore this list cannot be complete without it. Nor can the world- be complete that is.
  • Pristine beaches/ Snow capped mountains: Running wild on a pristine beach or looking at the majestic mountains. Can it get more beautiful?
  • Rainy days/ winter nights: Rainy days in Mumbai or winter nights in Ahmedabad. Both transform the city. Getting wet in the rain or snuggling in a blanket in winter nights makes for good poetry:)
  • Sleeping and dreaming: Sleeping and dreaming. Two things i cant live without.
  • Memories of magical moments: Moments in the past, memories of tomorrow. of walking around in Koregaon park or talking all night long, memories light up my soul.
  • Music : Music that touches chords in my heart. What would life be without a song and dance? :P
  • My cooking: Call it goulash if you will...
To pass the tag on I Tag:
- Bugs
- Vipin (when he does visit my blog)
- Quintessence (from PG)