December 23, 2010

Slivers of silver thread

Have you ever thought of the myriad of different connections that you have made. The numerous strands of relationships that tie you to this universe. Spanning the past, the present and the future, this is the reason you belong, here and now and always.

An "always ready to give you a good yell" mother, A "loves you but wants you out of the house" father, A "distant but means well" brother, An "old, grizzly but gives the best hugs" grandmother, the myriad close and not-so-close relatives that include a sweet and sly kid cousin brother, a reminds you of cruella-de-vil aunt, and then there are people you meet who make everlasting impressions...your first crush, the two am friend you no longer talk to but wish you could, the mindless antics with a set of absolute crazies... the indo aryan nazi, the religious south siren, the BB addicted social butterfly, the logical yet whimsical excel queen, the child who grew up, the dainty yet strong snow queen, the irritable and chirpy insect hater , the edwardian lord, the dreamer, the one you never meet but have long conversations with ...and the ones you haven't met yet....

All connected to you in inexplicable ways... like slivers of silver thread- connecting you to earth. Making you feel loved, making you aspire to be better, to go on, to make your failures seem better, and rejoice in your successes... to make life more liveable... Thank You for being part of mine...

December 8, 2010


Winter's here. Cold and deep,
The land is barren, humanity asleep.
Darkness has fallen, swift as sound,
The silence is deafening all around.

The cold creeps in tendrils, o'er my heart,
I wish I could go back to the start...
To the beginning of our journey together,
To dreams of spending life forever...

But now you are gone and winter has come,
And life is empty without my sun.
I wish my heart would cease to feel,
I wish that reality wasn't real.

I long for warmth, once again,
I hope that I don't go insane.
Waiting and longing for sunshine,
And to feel this cold heart of mine.