August 22, 2005

Anguish and Despair

My mind it wonders about tomorrow,
And all the joy and the sorrow.

My heart it sighs with a lot of grief,
Oh! What I'd do for blessed relief.

The turmoils that twist inside me,
For something that can never be.

Leads to anguish and despair,
For a bond beyond repair.

Standing at the point of no return,
The Chasm of fire still burns.

August 3, 2005

The boulevard of dreams fulfilled...

As the initial exhilaration wears off, its time to settle down. The daily routine works with clockwork precision, with a time assigned to everything, even thinking! The changing seasons usher in a metamorphosis that makes one wonder at the beauty of nature. Everyday is an experience, an exploration and an adventure. Peacocks, cranes, langoors, and the odd scorpion or snake or two add to the kaleidoscopic canvas of life at Mica. These interspersed with impromptu jigs; inter batch clashes in volleyball and football and our own batch-band performances ensure that boredom doesn’t set in. Add to that, the endless walks around campus or treasure chest (a resort just outside campus), tennis sessions and sketching in the serenity of the amphitheatre, and we have a heady concoction in our hands.
Mica allows one to just be. Be yourself and believe in who you are. It ensures that we let go of the baggage that we end up carrying in the urban jungle. It enables you to hone your talents and experience a life like no other. Far from the commotion and madness of the corporate world, Mica feels like an oasis in the middle of a parched and dry desert. It also, makes one wonder whether the rat race at the end of it all is even worth it. But then, life here also teaches you about cut throat competition. The undercurrent of one upmanship is subtle but surely there. Project submissions and presentations are the perfect place to realize that you are surrounded by a set of equally brilliant individuals and that you will have to work just a little harder to keep from going under. And make no bones about the fact that the professors are here to ensure that we are kept on our toes. Project briefs at the eleventh hour are so common that eyebrows aren’t even raised in surprise anymore. Projects at 3 in the morning are everyday occurrences. No wonder then, that we have all turned into compulsive insomniacs…This is life at Mica!