March 15, 2007

Shine on...

Starry night, Oh! so bright,
I wish i was a star tonight.

Far away from the earth below,
In solitude, so my thoughts would flow.

Flowing beauty like a stream,
Hope noone wakes me from this dream.

I dream big, I dream far,
Maybe one day, Il be that star...


Hope burns bright in the recesses of my mind,
For that elusive someone, who is hard to find.

In this jouney we call life,
Why does there have to be so much strife?

So much grief, so much sorrow,
Wondering if there ever will be tomorrow?

But something inside me shouts & screams,
That never give up on your dreams.

It may seem that darkness surrounds you,
But Sunshine will come one day. It is true.

Find the truth in your heart,
With your beliefs, never part.

For hope is the strongest of all feeling,
And without it, life has no meaning....