July 11, 2005

Mica- an experience.......

Surrounded on all sides by heaven,
With a mood as black as a raven,
What do i call it but an irony,
My soul has finally been set free...

Noone to share paradise,
Just the jealousy and the lies,
Intense emotions catch me unawares,
I need somebody who cares...

Just cant comprehend what i feel,
Keep asking myself, is this for real?
I'v finally got what i always wanted,
But now that i have it, i feel daunted.

New relationships and bonds to share,
True friendships are always so rare,
Everyone still testing the sea,
Am in too deep, just let me be.

Need something beyond the frivolous,
Am i being just too obvious?
A leap of faith is what i'v taken,
Will my beliefs now be shaken?

Only time will tell what i need to know,
Till then i shall just be a part of the show.
My dream fulfilled, my goal achieved,
Destiny awaits me with open arms...............