May 27, 2011

Calling for the Mumbai Monsoons

I love the monsoons in Mumbai. They creep up cloaked in a blanket of stealth and take your breath away. The smell of the earth after that first shower, the greens that spring up everywhere, and the sea- the glorious sea, all make for a pretty picture. But above all, it evokes such memories. Memories of running through the deluge, of stolen kisses, of coy glances, of sodden clothes but singing hearts, of absolute muck mixed with child-like madness, of splashing through puddles, getting stuck in the traffic, of steaming cups of Coffee and spicy bhajias, not wanting to go to school/work and not being able to (because Mumbai stood still)... Memories that I would like to revisit again.

May 14, 2011


Kuch ankahe khaab, Kuch dabe khayaal liye jee rahe hain.
Zindagi ki manzilon ki or kadam, liye jee rahe hain.
Manzilen hain ki haath mein dabi ret si, guzar jaati hain.
Hum to ab bhi tumhaari taak mein baithe, jee rahe hain.

Ek aur khaab, ek aur manzil dikhe na dikhe,
Zindagi ke safar par caravan liye apna, chal rahe hain.
Kal ka savera apne saath, umeed laata hain,
Isi satya ke saar par intezaar kiye jee rahe hain....