July 19, 2010

Life is a fairy tale.

Life is a fairy tale. Magic surrounds us. Permeates are very being. Shows slivers of itself in our every day lives. Stolen glances of the one you love. Glimpses of a life you can imagine. The longing in your eyes of what you believe cannot be. The absolute disbelief when something you thought was impossible happens. The soul stirring conversations that last well into the night. The peace and comfort that you find in the arms of a special someone. The laughter and momentary madness. The childishness and giggles. The walks on the beach in the twilight. The dips in the salty sea. Leaving foot prints in the sand. Watching someone sound asleep. The twitching smiles in the corners of your mouth. Magic is all around us. In all of these little actions. It gives us the fuel to believe that everything is good. It is for a reason. But only if you believe- Life is a fairy tale.

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