April 3, 2008

Marketing, Mumbai, Mayhem

Part 1
Travelling around Mumbai is a large part of my job, and it is fascinating to notice intrinsic Marketing Strategies that are as brilliant as they are devious; in the most unlikely places. Marketing is at play, where you least expect it.

- Out of Home Advertising: Long before the marketing gurus discovered the power of outdoor media, Mumbaikars did. Travel in a local train, bus, taxi, or Auto and your nose is most likely to be inches away from an advertisement for crotch diseases, impotency, scrawled numbers promising pleasure and more, miraculous weight reduction centres and what have you! And if you devote as much time to travel as an average Mumbaikar does, then there is no way that you can miss these and even be tempted to call the number (just for kicks). Therefore, Out of Home Advertising at no cost and with manifold returns guaranteed.
Similarly, long before Graffitti became known in India, Spray paint Ads for Bean Bags were the most visible Advertising at no cost, in and around the city.

- Political Warfare: Advertisements for the different political parties are extremely common in the city. They are also extremely illegal and employ the most aggressive strategies to death. Marketing warfare is something that should be learnt from these campaigners whose blitz techniques would leave Hitler ashamed! Rival party posters dissapear overnight, market flooding strategies are in place and one-to-one marketing is broken down into a network that is as precise as it is organised.

- Six Senses Advertising: Long before westerners developed strategies for marketing that would appeal to the six senses of the human being, India had already mastered the same. Almost all religions in India use the six sense perfectly so as to give their devotees an experience that is everlasting. Unique sounds, smells, visuals and other simulants have been used in Mumbai streets to peddle a variety of goods. The Chana Chor Garam wala's unique call, the Bangar wala's calling tune, the bell of the andewala, the churiwala's call, the kulfiwala's stand- All musical and original in their own way, all symbolising a trigger of memories for the recipients, an association that goes beyond the vague ideas and concepts that today's advertising propounds..Advertising that tells you what you have already experienced..


Pravahan said...

Yup, very true.

I have lived in Bombay for some time.. and I do visit Bombay at least 2-3 times a year.. It is a city that is so different to the other cities in this country..

You love Bombay, don't you? :) Were you born and brought up in Bombay only? :)

Pravahan said...

In fact, I think Bombay is the toughest market to crack for any retail/consumer-facing business... There are too many challenges in this market..

eccentricity unleashed... said...

great insight :)