September 13, 2006


Have you ever gotten up one day and felt like not living anymore? Have you thought of whether it would make a difference for anybody whether you were here or not? Have you looked around you and tried to imagine a scenario where you no longer exist? Looking around you, the birds would still sing, the grass would still be green, the peacocks would still strut, and the dopey guy next door would still blast his music. Nothing would ever change. Your friends will become used to you not being there. And life would move on. It is an eerie thought this. The fact that you have not made a difference in anybody’s life. And that nothing would change if you did vanish from the face of the earth. And then it hits you. Your existence for the past 23 years has been without purpose. Have you achieved anything in your life? And have you made an impression or touched anybody else’s heart. Have you made someone want you around? Have you made someone want to take care of you till the end of time? Have you found the one person in whose eyes you will find the meaning of your life? If you haven’t, then you are just one of those faceless shapes that flit around aimlessly. There is no point in your existence.


Anonymous said...

it's me's the first time i read the posts on your blog...very nice posts..and lot of thoughts that set me thinking...

Jigar said...

very the way, your blogs make an impression on me. so cheer up and continue blogging :-)

Gautam said...

Jeez!! Forget da blog, are you ok? What prompted you to write this one. Its thoughtful, but somehow I feel its a reflection of your mind, which seems troubled now!

Anonymous said... are u going to continue existing??????? spare me and the others around the torture. i'm so glad u finally realized how worthless u really truly are.

The Soothsayer said...

Thanks vuppala...Hope u continue to visit...

@Jigar Sorry if i pulled u down with me..

@Gautam Ur a sweetheart....dun worry bout exist...

@Jassu (behind the anonymity)...when i go away ul realise my worth...noone called einstein genius in his lifetime now did they?;)

Arun MAK said...

Hi.. came to ur blog from ur link at PagalGuy signature..(MICA post)

Pensive post indeed..

BTW I am not useless and have few lovely folks who'd miss me bad when am not around :P

Cheers :)

JLS said...

does it really matter!! nah !! expectations..ahhh...........

JLS said...

does it really matter!! nah !!
expectations....ahhhh!! said...

Hi, here through some random blog searching. While this is a good piece, I have to disagree and say that it is upto us to see whether our moving on has some impact on anyone else's life. I am sure we all have loved ones, friends, or maybe even arch-rivals (I hesitate to use the word enemy), who would feel the pinch of us moving on. We do not really need to do anything extraordinary in our lives, just need to live them as if life enthralls us, excites us. That is enough.

This is probably unnecessary addition to such a pensive post, but still, couldn't resist!

I'll keep checking back to see if you have added anything else.


Anonymous said...

read albert camus' The myth of Sisyphus if you havent. I bet you would relate to every single word and phrase in it. It speaks about the dull repetitions in life. camus calls it rebellious repetitions provided the person is aware of this redundancy. It's very interesting. My next post was going to be about this book and what it explains. The book is exceptionally well written. It's a collection of his essays.

Stargazer said...

One would be surprised at how much one makes a difference.
One's existence is not justified by the presence of an individual to spend the rest of one's life with. Its defined by whether one touches another's life (and not necessarily in a romantic way).
If you changed somebody's ideas or perceptions on smallest of things your existence is justified. Butterfly effect and all that jazz.
Given the number of people who've commented here, I'd say you've touched the lives of a fair number of people.
Came across your blog through that of a common reader. Will come by more often. I hope you'll post something in the meantime. :-)

Anonymous said...

I read most of your articles. You seem to write well in pain. Is there a flavor while you are happy? You are one of those who do the best when they are hurt, in shot you aint a loser, you seem to fight back.

So present to us something you wrote in exploding happiness!

Adios for now!


El Furibundo said...

Hi I'm a stranger, passing through. And this post had me riveted to my seat for quite a few ticks after i'd finished reading it. It asks questions. One question, really. It's one of those things that aren't on the periphery of your bubble, but are deep inside the personality. So it took me sometime to decide what i feel about it. I'll have to agree with lauracastellan.

Forgive the cliche, but Life is to be lived. I am sure that in the course of your life, you will touch a sufficient number of people. Even a still-born baby would unsettle atleast two lives forever!

Live, plan, execute. For the sake of life. Do not pursue. That's my belief.

Oh and let me add that I am usually not so drawn out in my writings. So let that be a compliment to your writing! :)

- Furibundo

Kartik said...

< Random unstructured (uninvited?) ramblings from me>

Hmmm - interesting ... quite a few layers to things.

And why should there really be any purpose or point to existence at all?
Perhaps there is (purpose), perhaps there isnt ... does it make any difference to the fundamental fact that you are alive? And while one is alive, might as well live fully and joyfully and then die fully and joyfully. (Mind you, it is easy to say all this, not so easy to do - perhaps I myself am not adhering to what I say - but this is what I try to do)

Also, why do you want to judge yourself based on how many people you impacted or made a difference to? (umm - is that what you are doing? perhaps you know better)

Is there a purpose to the sunrise and sunset really? The Sun does not even know/care it is rising or setting. In fact, the Sun rises and sets only because the Earth rotates ... if you were on the moon - there would be no sunrise/sunset ... on the side that faces the sun - it is perennially there and on the other side, there is no sun!
Perception, perception - and therefore, the word/experience, "maya" :-)

</Random unstructured (uninvited?) ramblings from me>

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Anonymous said...

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